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Time to Vote

The right to vote was a long and hard road for many Americans, people marched, fought and sacrificed for the opportunity to be among the voting class. Looking back at the history of women and minority voters, it’s hard to believe that the very same disenfranchised that didn’t have the right to vote are not showing up at the polls now. Sometimes history seems further in the past than it actually is, and as a result people may need to be reminded of the voting privilege they have, that were not alloted to their ancestors, that were Guilt Trip comes in. Guilt Trip is a initiative that partners with Uber, with the goal of informing , registering, and transporting prospective voters. By installing touch screen monitors in participating driver’s headrest, we have a captive audience ready to listen to our message for the duration of their ride. The monitor will run short stories from older people who were apart of the historical movements that secured minorities rights to vote. Riders will also have an opportunity to get registered to vote using the touch screen as well as claim a voucher for a free ride to the polls.



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